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Students are educated in the fundamental skills required of a professional bartender. Course content offers both hands-on training and theory. This course takes approximately 50 hours. 40 hours is spent with our instructors and about 10 hours of home work is required.

Some schools claim to teach you how to bartend in just 24 hours and even 1 day on line. Our 29 years of experience tell us this is not practical. Always ask how much instruction time you are getting with a qualified instructor. This way you will know how much each hour costs. Because wines are so important today be sure to ask if they spend a day on wines. Most schools don't because they can't teach what they don't know!

Our students learn over 150 basic drinks. This builds the foundation to learn the 400 plus cocktails and shooters in our manual. Download our specialty drinks and see what we teach about garnishing! (Word Doc). Garnishes are what makes the difference in your tip jar. You'll know your being served by a Fine-Art grad if the drink is beautifully finished. We use every thing from Gummy Bears to Edible Orchids. Come and see our garnish class!

Students learn speed and accuracy. Minimum standard is the Shang-Hi Sling in 20 seconds. (Record speed is 11 seconds) Fine-Art is the Industry Standard for Canada. Our formal training method is Internationally Recognized.

There are 6 types of bartending from White Glove to fast paced Night Clubs. With Fine-Art you will learn what is required for each position. Fine-Art Bartending is known for having the highest standards and course material is augmented with the personal experience of our instructors. (Courses are in depth, fast paced and fun but, there is homework and testing.)

Avoid the sales pitch! We want you to visit us today and see what we do in the classroom. Our school is open for inspection and this description can only tell you so much.

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